Patriots in a good position to find QB in upcoming NFL Draft

On Friday, Bill Belichick wouldn’t say whether he expects Tom Brady to play until he’s 45. He also wouldn’t say whether he expects the Patriots to draft a quarterback in the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft.

If one thing is certain, however, it’s that the Patriots have put themselves in position to draft an heir apparent to their future Hall of Famer. Armed with five picks in the first three rounds this year, this draft is an important one for a Patriots team searching for help and potentially, someone to be the future of their franchise.

When asked if the Pats will take a quarterback in two weeks, Belichick said, “We’ll do what’s best for the football team. We’ll look at our opportunities and do what’s best.”

When asked if he knew how long Brady would play, Belichick responded, “I’m happy to answer the draft questions. I’m not going get into everything else here.”

This offseason, however, the Patriots are connected with a laundry list of quarterbacks.

NFL Competition Committee Chair Rich McKay said he’d like to see assistant coaches allowed to sign their contracts to become head coaches with new teams, and then turn their attention back to their current teams in the playoffs, rather than being constantly distracted by questions about their new teams.

“Every year it’s become harder as the media pays more focus to those coaches and who may be going where,” McKay said. “For too many years we’ve tried to hold that line on you can’t sign a contract but you can have an understanding. We just felt like we need to get over that hurdle and say you can sign a contract. It doesn’t mean you can work, but you can sign the contract.”

Although the league is officially denying that this is a “Josh McDaniels Rule,” the reality is that’s exactly what it is: A rule to ensure that in the future, teams like the Colts aren’t left holding the bag.dolphins_001

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