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Ben McAdoo: I let Odell Beckham down

Former Giants coach Ben McAdoo is reflecting on what went wrong in his brief stint with the team, and one thing he’s realized is that he didn’t do enough to connect with star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Although Beckham put up big numbers in McAdoo’s offense, McAdoo said in Peter King’s Football Morning in America that he should have done more for Beckham than just call a lot of passes for him.

I wrote the other day on the Jameis Winston situation, and I don’t have a ton else to add. But I will say that I believe, and others do too, that Winston’s willingness to take the penalty without fighting would be a factor in the league’s discipline. And I think it’s a factor for Winston too, in that it would allow him to move past the incident fairly quickly.

It’s the Patriots system, one of the greatest systems in the NFL, Butler said, via Robert Klemko of SI.com. You can tell Mike played for Belichick because you can see some of the similarities. They’re about winning the way New England is about winning.

One thing I saw early: Mike will put you on blast. He don’t care who’s around. He’s going to say what’s right. He might be a bit looser than Bill Belichick, but they’re both great guys. A man caught a ball on me—honestly I don’t know his name yet—but Mike let me hear about it. ‘Don’t get stuck on top of the routes like that! Make a play!’ Nobody cares where you come from or what you make. Everyone’s equal. And you can tell from the head coach all the way down to the interns, everybody wants to win.

While that kind of egalitarianism might have hastened his departure from New England, Butler sounds excited about his fresh start (and doubtless the money that goes with it).

Robert Smith, Vikings running back: My agent called me on the first lunch break of the first training camp practice and said How’s Randy look? And I told him, I’ve never seen anything like this. I had a track background, ran in a race against Carl Lewis. I’ve never seen anyone like Randy. I’ve never seen anyone as smooth. I told my agent after that first practice that if he stayed healthy, he’d be in the Hall of Fame.

The Rookie QB Roundtable: Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen and Lamar Jackson

Michael Bennett, who will be honored for his activism and community outreach at The Inaugural Athletes for Impact Awards on Monday night. The awards ceremony in Los Angeles commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the 1968 Olympics held in Mexico, when Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised gloved fists to protest racial inequality in the United States.

I take issue with criticism of Terrell Owens for not attending his Hall of Fame induction, choosing instead to host fans at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. If you could celebrate this special moment at your alma mater, with as many friends and family in attendance as you’d like, rather than attending a ceremony in Canton with limited accommodation for family and friends and the awkwardness of hobnobbing with the journalists who for some reason are the lone gatekeepers to the Hall of Fame, wouldn’t you?

In non-cornerback news, last week was a stunningly bad one for the NFL. Jaguars defensive tackle Marcell Dareus is being sued for sexual assault by two separate women. Bills running back LeSean McCoy is embroiled in a bizarre home invasion incident. Onetime Browns tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. has been charged with multiple sexual assaults. Sherman’s former Seahawks teammate Brandon Browner was charged with attempted murder and several other crimes. Former SI.com NFL editor Melissa Jacobs chronicled all the bad news in one biting tweet, and the response was eye-opening. A few years ago, when I started covering the NFL, a post like that would have floated without much pushback from anybody. But Jacobs’s mentions blew up with people pointing out the good being done by NFL players.

Former Giants WR Victor Cruz: Ben McAdoo firing a couple weeks ‘too late’

As for the quarterbacks the team passed on with the No. 2 pick, he had an opinion on that too.

With the guys that came out this year, I’m not surprised they went the route they went by not drafting a guy, McAdoo said. I wouldn’t have stood on the table to draft any quarterback No. 2 either.

Later in the afternoon, an unidentified Instagram user shared an explicit photo of a woman, identified as McCoy’s on-and-off girlfriend Delicia Cordon, with cuts and bruises on her face alleging McCoy struck her. The Instagram post has since been deleted.

Cody Allen: The difference between last year and this year is about three runs. He has basically walked one extra batter and allowed one extra home run, which, by strict accounting purposes, has turned him from one of the game’s best closers to a below-average one.

Andrew Miller: He was awesome all April — a 0.00 ERA, and batters hit .162/.279/.216 against him — before he went on the 10-day disabled list with a hamstring strain. When he came back, he was wild, and over the course of six appearances — 25 batters faced — he was hit for a .368/.520/.842 line. Then he went back on the disabled list with knee inflammation.

Officials were called to the home owned by McCoy in the Atlanta suburb where his former girlfriend Delicia Cordon was living. Upon arrival, officers discovered one victim who had been physically assaulted by a lone intruder.

At about 3:28 a.m. the police log says: The caller poss[ibly] thinks her ex boyfriend poss[ibly] set her up.

Even though the caller wasn’t identified, it’s believed Cordon was on the phone with police. In a separate note, The caller adv[ised] she got beat in the head and locked in the bathroom and the caller said, My face is demolished.

Think about which hitters teams shift against. They shift on guys who drive the ball. By trying to hit a ground ball to short — which is the one spot on the infield where you would be able to beat the shift — that’s exactly what they want you to do.

Carson Wentz wasn’t shy at all about showing his off.

And if you wanna go really deep, here is a video from the Eagles on all that went into making the rings.

219 diamonds. 17 green sapphires. And 1 dog mask.

Look, you never know when you’re going to get another Super Bowl ring, so why not dress in your flyest suit when it’s time to get one? All players came in clean, but Malcolm Jenkins, LeGarrette Blount, and Brent Celek were easily the best dressed.

A week ago, the Philadelphia Eagles’ — or at least Nick Foles’ — visit to the White House was canceled. This week, the entire team got together to celebrate its first ever Super Bowl victory when the players received their championship rings Thursday night.

In some ways, though, the festivities haven’t stopped. As soon as the Eagles sealed their 41-33 win over the New England Patriots, the party erupted on the field, in the locker room, and on the streets of Philadelphia (horse poop consumption and greased-up poles included).

President Donald Trump asked NFL players who to pardon. Here’s how they responded

The president wanted recommendations. He got them from the Players’ Coalition.

In order to do that, he must lead.

David Johnson, Le’Veon Bell, Aaron Donald, and other stars are also looking to get money and security this offseason. Salaries in the NFL are going to continue to rise, and in a league where contracts aren’t guaranteed, players have to get their money when they can, and avoid injury when possible.

It’s easy for fans and media to play up a contract dispute. The NFL offseason can get boring, and people need something to talk about. Jones is a superstar player who will go down as one of the best Falcons to ever wear the red and black. If there’s even a sniff of something like a contract dispute, no matter the circumstances between the two sides, people will drench it in gas and attempt to throw a match to it, because that’s a fun thing to do when you’re bored.

The NFL enacted its controversial rule May 24, striking a compromise between owners and the league’s front office that gives teams the choice to remain in the locker room for the pregame ceremony — but also gives the league the authority to fine teams if players do not show respect during the anthem. The rule also gives teams the power to punish players who violate the rule.

Eagles players did not protest or kneel during the national anthem at all during the 2017 season.

Some players elected to demonstrate before games, but not during the anthem itself — despite the White House’s claim that players planned to skip the ceremony over the president’s insistence they stand during the anthem.

Players were active throughout the season in raising awareness to social justice issues and supporting the movement which Colin Kaepernick began. Chris Long donated his salary to help education equality, while Malcolm Jenkins has worked alongside the NFL to raise money for social causes.

The Eagles will be the first team since 1980 to not have any representation at a White House celebration. The tradition began with President Jimmy Carter and the Pittsburgh Steelers following Super Bowl XIV and remained constant until now, even when players skipped the event for various reasons.

The NFL tried to appease the White House by issuing its new national anthem policy, but it wasn’t enough for President Donald Trump. Now Eagles players, who did not protest during the anthem are being put in the cross hairs by dishonest outlets trying to make them out to be the villains.

Romo wouldn’t have been able to fix everything either, especially their tough schedule, a weak secondary, and the injuries to defensive playmakers like J.J. Watt and Whitney Mercilus. But it’s those losses after Watson’s injury that Romo could have helped make up for.

In their last nine games, the Texans beat the Cardinals and no one else. By the final month, they were forced to start T.J. Yates when Savage suffered a scary concussion and ended the season on a six-game losing streak. They finished with a 4-12 record.

If Romo had been playing, healthy and effective, Houston could still be hanging around in the playoff race in early November. From there, 3-5 more wins seems doable, in addition to their real one against the Cardinals. The most likely candidates for those extra victories: the Colts (twice), 49ers, and maybe the Ravens and Titans (again). Topping the playoff-bound Rams, Jaguars, and Steelers would’ve been much more difficult.

The only reason Houston isn’t saddled with the worst QB luck label is that the Browns exist. Matt Schaub had a couple of good seasons — and a legitimately great one — but was also injured in 2011 in what could’ve been and should’ve been a special year for the team. From 2014-16, the Texans started eight different quarterbacks, due to injuries and general Osweilerian incompetence.

How many titles do you expect LeBron and the Lakers to win in the next three seasons?

MacMullan: If Durant had re-upped with Golden State for four more years, I’d be tempted to say zero. But Golden State has some major financial decisions to make in the next two seasons with Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, so I will say one championship on this LeBron victory tour.

Remember, though, there are the Celtics and Sixers, who two seasons from now (maybe sooner) will have allowed all their young talent to marinate into a hungry collection of stars who will be gunning for the West. And need I remind you the Rockets were one hamstring away from the Finals? LeBron appears ageless, but even the greatest stars of all time eventually fall prey to two old, familiar foes: injury and age.

Elhassan: This question is basically asking how long the Warriors are going to stay together. There will come a day when Golden State’s ownership might find the tax bills to be unpalatable and make basketball decisions based on financial reasons, and if someone is going to step up and fill that void, it will be LeBron James.

Pelton: If I had to bet on one outcome, I’d probably say zero. The Warriors are still around, and other challengers are forming. I still think going to the Rockets or the 76ers would have given James a better chance of winning a championship. That said, the average outcome for James is probably closer to one championship than none.

Because more teams could be operating with max cap space next summer, Irving should have plenty of suitors outside of Boston if he remains healthy. Irving is willing to bet on that entering the offseason.

Like with rookie Terry Rozier (more on him later), finances and roster flexibility might prevent veteran forward Marcus Morris from getting an extension offer. Entering the last year of the below-market contract he signed in Phoenix, Morris is eligible for a four-year, $46 million extension that would begin in 2019-20. Boston will need to be cautious in exploring extension talks with Morris, even if he’s interested. The Celtics could be adding four first-round picks in 2019 while Rozier and Irving are up for new, expensive deals.

A possible extension for Spencer Dinwiddie will need to wait until Dec. 8, when the guard reaches the second-year anniversary of his current contract.

Velasquez was struck in the forearm by Adam Eaton’s liner in the second inning.

He dropped his glove, hustled to retrieve the ball as it deflected toward third base, and unleashed a strong toss with his opposite arm that nipped the speedy Eaton at first for the final out.

I tried to finish the play, Velasquez said.

X-rays were negative, a better result than he anticipated.

I thought something was broken, he said. Thanks to God, nothing is severe.

Kapler said Velasquez would be further evaluated on Sunday. The pitcher said it was up in the air whether he would be able to take his next turn in the rotation.

We’ll see how it feels, he said.

We felt very strongly that it wasn’t, Green said. That was not the story of the baseball game by any stretch. I don’t think we were very clean early in the game. We did what we’ve done very recently which is show a lot of fight late. It was just a little too late.

I told him he was a stupid hitter, Melvin joked. He might have had eight homers if he would have stopped hitting the ball to center field, but he finally got one over their head.

The Tigers loaded the bases with three two-out singles in the sixth, but Manaea struck out Niko Goodrum to end the inning.

The A’s have won their last nine games against Detroit, their longest streak against the Tigers since Lefty Grove and Jimmie Foxx led the Philadelphia Athletics to 10 straight wins over Detroit in 1931.

Quinn’s expectations for Falcons over summer break

There are plenty of enticing storylines for the Falcons heading into training camp this year. The defense is coming off of a top-10 finish with even bigger goals in mind, while the offense is looking to make a leap in its second season with Steve Sarkisian as offensive coordinator.

But those are just the tip-of-the-iceberg storylines.

A majority of fans will also get their first chance to view the Falcons’ 2018 rookie class, which head coach Dan Quinn has raved about over the offseason. Wide receiver Calvin Ridley already looks like he belongs in the NFL, and cornerback Isaiah Oliver has been impressive both on and off the field. It’s unfair to highlight any one player in this class, however, because they brought a lot of energy to minicamp and already look up to speed for training camp.

For those who want to attend one of the training camp dates that are open to the public this summer, visit the Falcons’ training camp page and plan a trip up to Flowery Branch.Falcons’ wide receiver Mohamed Sanu works out with Texans’ quarterback Deshaun Watson

The former Clemson quarterback threw for 1,699 yards and 19 touchdowns in the seven games he played in.

A native of Gainsville, Ga., Watson has a special connection to the Falcons. He used to be a ball boy for the team through the Boys and Girls Club. His duties included folding towels, picking up cups and throwing passes to the wide receivers as they got warmed up, which he at the time hoped would get him ready for where he is now.

In his seventh season, Sanu has taken on more of a leadership role for the Falcons, mentoring several of the young players, including first-round pick, Calvin Ridley. Each year Sanu has been in Atlanta, his role in the offense continues to be enhanced. Sanu is coming off his best season in Atlanta, a year in which he caught 67 passes for 703 yards and five touchdowns.

While J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney grab the headlines, McKinney holds his own in the middle of the field.

The 6’4, 260-pound linebacker has become a force in Houston’s defense since being taken in the second round of the 2015 NFL draft. He had a breakout season in his second year in the league, recording 129 combined tackles, five sacks and one forced fumble. That performance was good enough to earn him second-team All-Pro honors.

Last year, he had 95 combined tackles, three sacks, one pass defended and one forced fumble.

Houston lost its all-time-leading tackler when it released Cushing earlier this offseason. However, the team believes McKinney is ready to lead the linebacking corps. Texans general manager Brian Gaine said as much about the 25-year-old linebacker in May, via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle:

The free-agent safety saw his pair of drug charges, which included a third-degree felony charge, dropped on Thursday, according to Hillsborough County (Fla.) Court records.

Ward was arrested Jan. 3 and charged with possession of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia stemming from an Oct. 25 incident when Tampa police investigated an alarm call at Ward’s apartment, according to an incident report. During the investigation police discovered approximately 99.9 grams of marijuana in two glass jars. The Tampa Bay Times reported the Jan. 3 arrest was on an outstanding warrant related to the October incident.

PAMONA, NY Giants defensive end/linebacker Olivier Vernon was one of the NFL players who took a knee last season during the Star Spangled Banner in protest of police brutality and social injustice, which drew the ire of President Donald Trump.

However, Vernon says that the Giants have yet to meet as a team regarding the rule change and what the plan is for 2018.

It’s different territory for a whole lot of us, Vernon said. I can only go off of what I know right now. Eventually. When we have a conversation, that’s what we’ll do. We haven’t gotten to that point yet.

[laughs] I think if guys were in the physical shape to be able to play more positions and be able to be elite in multiple positions, then that would elevate the sport of football. I think it would be that much better to have these guys who just don’t come off the field, kind of like basketball. That’s why I try to stay in shape, I try to eat right, just in case the game takes that left turn and goes that way, I’ll be ready to play whatever.

Harbaugh hasn’t had great success yet—at least not by Michigan’s standards.

Sure, the Wolverines are better than they were when Harbaugh took the job back in 2015, but they have yet to win a Big Ten championship or beat Ohio State. Harbaugh’s Wolverines are 1-5 against the Buckeyes and Spartans, and Michigan’s recruiting hauls have been underwhelming as of late.

Neither the coach or the school will admit it, but things haven’t gone according to plan for Harbaugh in his return to his alma mater.

This isn’t a coach who crawled back to the collegiate ranks with his tail between his legs. Harbaugh was a foot away from winning the Super Bowl with the 49ers.

His return to the NFL may not be especially likely, but it could be tempting if Michigan endures another ho-hum season.

Success in college and success in the NFL are two different animals. For every Jimmy Johnson and Pete Carroll, there’s a Steve Spurrier, Butch Davis and Chip Kelly. And for as well as the Sooners played on 2017, it’s just one season—Riley’s first.

But if the Sooners chew up college football again in 2018, some NFL teams will try to talk themselves into Riley being more Carroll and less Kelly.

Because this stats count as occurring on May 15, this officially was Soto’s first big-league hit although the Nats apparently have been told by MLB that there will be an asterisk next to it.

Soto has been raking for the Nats, as he’s hitting.316 with six homers and 14 RBIs in 24 games.

However, a jump to the NFL makes more sense for certain college coaches. When NFL.com’s Daniel Jeremiah polled five NFL executives to identify head coaching candidates in the collegiate ranks, two singled out Washington’s Chris Petersen.

Petersen would easily be my top candidate, one executive said. He’s an outstanding coach and I know some teams have done their homework on him. Recruiting is such a mess for these coaches. I wouldn’t be totally shocked if he decided to make the jump. He would be a home-run hire for any NFL team.

Petersen’s something of an elder statesman at 53, and he doesn’t have any NFL experience. But in nearly two decades as an offensive coordinator and then head coach at Boise State and Washington, Petersen has proved to be a top-notch offensive strategist and motivator. He transformed Boise State from a tomato can into a national power.

Boise’s 2007 Fiesta Bowl upset of Oklahoma is one of the best-coached offensive games you’ll ever see.